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Guest Jeanne

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I am interested in your line of acne treatments. I am thinking of trying the Coral Kavi cleansing bar and the Salicylic Acid 8. Are these safe to use during pregnancy? Also, which is a more effective sulphur treatment, the Coral Kavi bar or the sulphur suspension? or should I use both, in addition to the Salicylic Acid 8? I have oily skin type, large pores, very fair skin, and have constant blackheads and whiteheads, and occasional ingrown hairs and bump/cyst type acne (lasts for a few days). I appreciate your help. ~Jeanne

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While our products do not pose any direct risks during pregnancy, we must defer you to your physician for medical counsel on whether products containing sulfur and salicylic acid are ok for you during your pregnancy.


We typically recommend the use of Coral KAVI to treat acne before introducing the Organic Sulfur Suspension. Both are very effective, however concurrent use may dry out the skin.


Weekly exfoliation with Salicylic Acid 8 will greatly assist Coral KAVI in reducing acne (including whiteheads), pore diameter, and blackheads. Concurrent use of Coral KAVI and Salicylic Acid 8 should not increase the risk of excessive dryness, as long as you are not using other antiseborrheics.

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