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Guest Kellie

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Guest Kellie

Hi, I want to purchase your line, but I don't have the $ for all that I want. What would be the first 1 or 2 products that would be most beneficial for me? I just turned 40; I have oily skin with mild acne (mostly stuff I can see under the skin); and I have some fine lines on my forehead. I am currently using Clinique skincare, and as I run out of things I will replace them with Kavi. The things I am low on are moisturiser and mask. Thank you in advance for your imput.

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Based on the treatment goals you mentioned below, here are a list of products to consider:



For acne and oily skin: Coral KAVI ($18 for 3-bar bundle, $56 for 12-bar bundle)

For wrinkles: Glycolic Acid 30 ($45/2oz)



For acne: Coral KAVI ($18 for 3-bar bundle, $56 for 12-bar bundle)

For blackheads, clogged pores: KAVI Toner ($27/6oz)

For wrinkles: Hyaluronic Acid 95 ($50/1oz, high-impact moisturizer), Complex C ($60/1oz, collagen repair, facial muscle relaxant – non-toxic BOTOX alternative), SPF 30 ($23/2oz, non-comedogenic, oil-free sunblock)


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