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Acne and Acne Scars

Guest Sandra

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I would like some help to eliminate acne scars on my cheeks, and to prevent acne. I am a light skin African-American who is experiencing adult acne. I went without soda and candy, and continued to break out. I believe it has to do with hormones and oily skin. I have spent a lot of money for products and cleaners with dermatologists and skin specialists. I need something that is going to help. I do know that peels help but within a month my skin begins to look shiny and dull. Please help!!

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It's rare but not impossible that comedone formation and subsequent acne infection are set off by a type of food. It is more likely, however, that your acne trigger is being set off by something coming into contact with your skin. For many, their daily cleanser is the culprit.


As a start, you may wish to switch over to a KAVI cleansing bar. Coral KAVI is excellent for oily skin. Using Coral KAVI as your cleanser may be all it takes to significantly reduce the rate of infection. Because it is anti-seborrheic, you should be careful not to use any other anti-acne products on a regular basis with Coral KAVI.


If you find your skin needs additional help, weekly exfoliation with KAVI Salicylic Acid 8 will neutralize bacteria on contact as well as exfoliate dead skin cells which otherwise may find their way into pores where they can bind with sebum and create comedones.

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