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coral kavi what is the ph


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Any products (not just cleansers) that come into contact with the skin and have a significantly higher pH (e.g., > pH 8) than the skin's (pH 5.5) may be problematic for those skin types that have trouble restoring pH at a natural rate.


Because it is difficult to design an antiseborrheic anti-acne cleanser with a low pH, we have opted for a multi-stage approach in our cleansing bars: the cleansing component (palm oil) that is washed off the skin has an alkaline pH, and the active ingredients (sulfur and salicylic acid) that are absorbed have an acidic pH that leaves the skin pH-balanced after use.


We do make other cleansers (e.g., Glycolic Cleanser 10 or the Detoxifying Cleansing Scrub) that are purely acidic, however they do not have the antiseborrheic and anti-acne properties of Aqua or Coral KAVI.

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