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Need advice so I can purchase right products


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Hi there I am very interested in buying one of the Kavi systems but dont know which to choose from. I have had acne my whole life. Right now I am 24 and have rosacea, severely dry skin and lots of cystic acne on chin and jaw line. I also get acne around my mouth area too. The thing is I would consider using the system for severe acne but with the rosacea and really dry skin I dont want to irritate my skin too much.. With the severity of my acne though I dont know if the moderate acne one would be better or if I need a combination of things or what?? Please help me out. thanks

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It would be good to know if your skin is naturally very dry or if its dryness is a result of treatment with antiseborrheics. In either case, your use of any antiseborrheics from KAVI should be very light in the first few weeks of treatment, and you should be sure to cease use of any other anti-acne products while undergoing treatment with KAVI products.


If your skin is naturally very dry, we would advise coupling the Toner with a mild cleanser such as the Glycolic Cleanser 10 or DermaWash. For comedolytic and keratolytic treatments, a salicylic acid mask may be too strong, and you may wish to consider the Enhanced Retinol 0.30% serum instead. For the retinol serum, commence applications at intervals of once every other day for 3-4 weeks before evaluating an increase to once per day. Hydrate as often as needed with the Glycolipidic Moisturizer.


If your skin is temporarily dry from ongoing treatment with antiseborrheics, take a 3-4 week break from any anti-acne products to give your skin ample time to flush out prior medications and return to a natural state before commencing with a new regimen using KAVI products. The Anti-Acne System III for Normal/Dry Skin would be a good starting point, and we would advise you introduce Aqua KAVI once per day for the first week or two before evaluating an increase to twice per day.


In either case above, if at any time your skin begins to feel dry or irritated, reduce the application frequency of the antiseborrheic components of your regimen to avoid exacerbating your skin's reaction to the dryness.

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