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salicylic acid 15%

Guest kathy

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i gotta few questions about this product. can i use it once every week? what do you recommend? i notice after i use it, my pores are really clear and a day later, they look back to normal and they look like theyre clogged again. also, my skin peels a day after i use it and theres a lot of dead skin on my face, should i peel the skin off with my fingers or just leave it on and it will disappear by itself??? i also noticed when i do peel the dead skin off, my face is really red and irritated. would you say a salicylic acid peel is the best line of defense against blackheads cuz ive tried everything else and although my skin and pores are really clear after i rinse off the product, i still have a lot of blackheads.

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You may wish to use a pore maintenance product such as KAVI Toner with Salicylic Acid 8 to keep your pores clear between weekly exfoliation masks.


While it is better to allow dead skin to flake off naturally, Salicylic Acid 8 should not be inducing heavy peeling in most cases. It is important to monitor your skin for dryness and hydrate with non-comedogenic moisturizers as needed.


A salicylic acid mask can be an excellent step in any pore repair treatment plan, however, if you are seeing renewed blackhead formation only 24 hours after application, there may be a topical product or airborne agent that is causing your blackheads. Review any products that come into contact with your skin (including cleansers), and monitor your environment for anything that could be a trigger.

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