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Coral Kavi purging acne?


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Hi there,


I have been using the Coral Kavi soap bar for a few weeks now and my acne has been getting significantly worse. I have small bumps covering my forehead (they are barely noticeable but they weren't there before) and clusters of large painful red bumps on my lower face around the chin area. I have hear of acne treatments purging your acne (where the acne actually gets worse before it gets better) so is this what i should be seeing after 2 weeks? Should I be waiting it out for a few more weeks? The soap isn't drying my skin out or anything and the only other thing i have been doing is trying to spot treat the individual spots with a clean and clear spot treatment gel. Also if i should be carrying on with the soap is there any way to reduce the inflammation because the spots are very painful.


about myself:

24 years old.


teenage acne which moved from t-zone to lower face in adulthood.

have been living in very humid climate for 2 years which made my acne very bad.

sensitive skin which has broken out into a very red itchy rash after 3 day of using certain products (neutrogena, proactive, oxy).

fairly oily skin all over.


Thanks for any advice you can give me.



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If you are certain that your skin is not exhibiting symptoms of dryness (e.g., itchiness, tightness, and/or flaking), it would be helpful to determine whether your skin has a sensitivity to salicylic acid, a common ingredient in the other commercial products you have listed above as well as in Coral KAVI. Most skin types are not sensitive to the ingredient, however, it can be an allergen for some and something you should investigate.


Should you determine that salicylic acid is not compatible with your skin, we make several other cleansers with sulfur only that you may find to be a suitable alternative to Coral KAVI. These include DermaWash S2 (same sulfur potency as Coral KAVI), Aqua KAVI (half the sulfur potency as Coral KAVI), DermaWash (half the sulfur potency as Coral KAVI and for sensitive skin).

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Thank you so much for the fast reply. I take it that you believe I should not persevere with this product then? The salicylic acid allergy is an interesting theory however I have not had the typical red itchy rash that I get with other treatments with the coral soap and also the most recent reaction i had was to proactive which is benzoyl peroxide. Do you have any idea as to why that would be? If you still think i should try something without salicylic acid what would be the benefit of using something with half the sulphur content vs the whole sulphur content as you stated the sulphur contents of all your alternative suggestions.


Again I really appreciate your advice.



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Borrowing from the Coral KAVI FAQ at http://www.kaviskin.com/forums/index.php/topic/595-important-notes-on-using-coral-kavi/,


The actives in Coral KAVI, sulfur and salicylic acid, are

antiseptic (antibacterial, antifungal),

antiseborrheic (drying),

keratolytic (exfoliating),

comedolytic (able to unclog pores), and

pH-balancing (able to help restore the skin to its natural pH of 5.5).


A product with less sulfur means it will be less drying, and for acne-prone skin that is not oily or combination, a less-drying cleanser is essential. While it is difficult to make any determinations through our forum as to the cause of your reactions, it does sound like you are experiencing similar reactions from the use of different types of stronger antiseborrheics. It would seem prudent to either explore milder anti-acne alternatives and/or reduce the frequency of use of the products in your current regimen to see if you will observe less acne formations coupled with less irritation from the treatment.

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