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All KAVI products are non-comedogenic, meaning they have been developed with the intent of being pore-friendly and have been tested to confirm that design goal. There will always be cases, however, where there exists a unique combination of factors with an individual that leads to clogged pores with the use of a given product. Such cases are rare, and because we do guarantee our products, in the unlikely event that one of our products does clog your pores, you will be able to return or exchange it.

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Okay, yeah I figured.

Well, I was wondering if you could suggest a regimen..

I'm 19, with newly moderate/severe acne that I think was/is hormonal. Probably 2 cystic pimples and a few other normal ones as well. My skin "exploded" a few months ago after doing a lemon treatment where I KNOW I messed things up because I had not one pimple before. I used the lemon juice for a hyperpigmentaion scar treatment. I went to bed every night covered in stinging/itching lemon juice.

It obviously helped the scars, but my cheeks blew up with cystic acne everywhere. Now, a lot of it has subsided, but I have massive scarring and still active cystic pimples. Not like it was, though.

My skin is dry, with the oily t-zone of my forehead. It's odd, because my forehead is oily but I have never in my life had a pimple there. They are only on my cheeks and chin (mostly cheeks).

I just need help with a regimen because I am not sure if I should use Kavi bar soaps since before this incident, my acne was mild... I only had used a SA cleanser and lotion.


Thanks for any help/suggestions!

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If your breakouts are solely from the lemon treatment, then your best corrective action would be to return to your pre-lemon regimen once you feel your skin has recovered and is ready for something more intensive than a very mild cleanser and moisturizer. Returning immediately to a salicylic acid cleanser or pursuing something stronger to restore your skin from the effects of the lemon treatment may only make your skin's condition worse.

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