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Guest Nadine

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Guest Nadine

I just wanted to personally thank you for the timely shipment of your product. I ordered your soaps and with in 20minutes I received confirmation that the items were already shipped! I then got my order in the mail across the states in two days. I was very pleased!!! I order things on-line often and never have had a response this quickly. I am excited to use your product. I was looking for skin care that had certain ingredients and came across your site. Your soaps have all the ingredients that I was looking for! I was very pleased to find them. And then to get them so quickly was even better!!! I had previously ordered 10 bars of soap from another company that had the ingredients in them and NEVER received the order!!! That was a year ago. Not even a notice that they didn't get shipped!!! NOTHING! I have only used the product once so far and was amazed at how my skin felt instantly after use. I even made my other half use it so he could see how it felt. We both were very pleased. You have a loyal customer, ME. And I would be pleased to refer all of my friends to your skin care line. Thank You very much!!! Sincerely, Nadine

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Thank you for your email, and we are very happy to hear of your experience with our products and customer service. Both our products and services adhere to stringent standards, and we take pride in the value we provide our customers.


We also thank you for any positive feedback that you pass along to others. A big part of KAVI’s business is driven by word-of-mouth referrals.

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