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    Salicylic acid dissolves comedones (the "pore corks" that are made of sebum and cellular debris), neutralizes bacteria, and exfoliates dead skin. Glycolic acid will help slow the onset of premature aging. In addition to accelerating the regeneration of healthy skin, regular application will help lift wrinkles and age spots. Keeping pores clear requires a comprehensive pore maintenance program that begins with non-comedogenic, pore-penetrating skin products like those in the KAVI 3-Step Pore Maintenance System. More severe cases of clogged pores may require weekly exfoliation with KAVI Salicylic Acid 8 to keep the level of sebum and cellular debris within manageable levels on the skin's surface. Regular use of Salicylic Acid 8 will also reduce pore diameter which in turn will reduce the size and probability of comedone formation within pores.
  2. KAVI Support

    ph balance

    Understandably, your questions are predicated on a conventional definition of "soap". Most major-brand soaps are made with tallow, a product derived from melting down the fat of animals like sheep and cattle. This material, besides being highly comedogenic, also carries a high pH as a finished product. KAVI soaps are made with a palm oil base and do not contain any pore-clogging ingredients. They also have been allergy-tested to ensure maximum compatibility with the most skin types. Coral KAVI is formulated with salicylic acid and colloidal sulfur. These components are very effective in eliminating acne infections and clearing pores of oil, bacteria, and cellular debris. Additionally, their low pH helps the skin maintain its acidity after cleansing. Calling Coral KAVI a "bar cleanser" is an option, however the common usage of "soap" has been expanding to include cleansers with plant or vegetable bases.
  3. Using KAVI Salicylic Acid peels more frequently than once per week may provide a marginal benefit over weekly use but will significantly increase the possibility of irritation. Even though exfoliation seldom continues beyond 72 hours, it is important to give the skin time to rest and fully recover from a peel. Additional recovery time following a peel permits the skin to generate a healthy living layer close to the dermis and a new protective layer of dead cells close to the surface.
  4. Please refer to http://www.kaviskin.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=28 for a response to a similar question.
  5. No, there isn't any truth whatsoever to this information. Ironically, the site you referenced gives its lowest comedogenicity and irritancy rating to precipitated sulfur. It's possible that the colloidal sulfur rating could have been made in error. Sulfur is one of the best anti-acne ingredients available to the pharmaceutical industry today. Its non-comedogenicity is undisputed among the medical community and the real focus in recent years has been on fully leveraging its anti-bacterial qualities. Colloidal sulfur is a sulfur preparation that yields molecularly smaller crystals than precipitated sulfur. The net effect is faster absorption into the skin during cleansing. We use colloidal sulfur in our soaps (where contact with the skin is for a short period of time) and precipitated sulfur in our anti-acne lotion (where absorption time can span several hours). Comedogenicity is also a relative concept. Many major-brand soaps are made with ingredients that are comedogenic to those with acne-prone skin. A majority of the population will not have a problem using an off-the-shelf brand. If they did, companies would change how they made their soap. Many of those with acne-prone skin, however, tend to react to the same ingredients, for example, tallow (animal fat found in popular bar soaps). All of Coral KAVI's ingredients have been tested for non-comedogenicity. We have used extensive field testing to corroborate the abundant research that has been available for decades to pharmaceutical dermatology. While this doesn't mean that Coral KAVI will be perfect for everyone, our 99.9% success rate with our thousands of customers has meant no change to the core formula for five years and running. For more information on Coral KAVI, please visit http://www.kaviskin.com/product.php?produc...at=1&page=1.
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    8% peel

    Weekly application of KAVI Salicylic Acid 8 will help to neutralize acne infections, exfoliate dead skin cells, and clear pores of dirt, oil, cellular debris, and acne bacteria. When used in conjunction with KAVI soap, our salicylic acid peels can significantly improve the health and beauty of your skin. A full facial peel requires approximately 2cc of salicylic acid. A 2oz bottle will yield approximately 30 such peels.
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    coral kavi

    Please refer to http://www.kaviskin.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=28 for a response to a similar question. KAVI's Organic Sulfur Anti-Acne Lotion can be used as a complement to Coral KAVI for severe cases of acne. The lotion can continue to deliver sulfur to pores throughout the day (or night) between morning and evening cleansing.
  8. Leaving KAVI Salicylic Acid on the skin for longer than the prescribed time can increase overall comedolysis and keratolysis but at the risk of inflammation and irritation. Many skin types will burn if salicylic acid is left on the skin for longer than 90 seconds. With KAVI Salicylic Acid, exfoliated skin will peel in small clusters. Estheticians can see these clusters in the post-peel rinse, however it is not typical for dead skin to peel directly from the body after exfoliation.
  9. For KAVI retail peels (pH=2.1), the textured surface of a gauze pad can help loosen dead skin clusters during application. For any of these methods, it is important that the implement is sterile and contact is made gently with the skin.
  10. KAVI Support

    coral kavi

    Coral KAVI takes a completely different approach to cleansing. Beginning with a palm oil soap base, each ingredient has been tested for non-comedogenicity. To avoid inflaming allergies and skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis, Coral KAVI's pH-balancing composition preserves the natural acidity of the skin's hydrolipidic layer. For acne and rosacea, Coral KAVI contains colloidal sulfur and salicylic acid. Colloidal sulfur is a powerful anti-bacterial agent and is particularly effective against pore infections. Salicylic acid works synergistically with sulfur to eliminate the three components behind acne infection: acne bacteria, excess oil, and dead skin cell buildup. Coral KAVI does not need to remain on the skin longer than a typical soap. Colloidal sulfur is small enough to be absorbed by pores before the rest of the soap is washed off. 30 - 60 seconds of contact on the skin is sufficient. Traditional soaps have a high-pH value, are composed of highly comedogenic animal byproducts, and do not contain any anti-bacterial ingredients. Using Coral KAVI as a total replacement to your existing soap can be a major step towards eliminating future acne infection.
  11. Our over-the-counter peels are designed for safe home use. We buffer the pH of the acid to 2.1 to minimize the chance of burns and allow the peel to be completely removed with a cold water rinse (no neutralizer necessary). At a pH of 2.1, you will attain the same benefits of a lower-pH peel of the same concentration, but results will be attained more gradually over several weeks of application. The exact experience you described below doesn't correspond with a typical glycolic mask. Depending on the pH, dead skin cells will either detach in larger clusters during a physician-administered minimum-pH (<1.0) peel, or will flake off in smaller clusters during the course of several days following a home-based low-pH (2.0 < pH < 2.5) peel. In either case, new skin will begin forming immediately and results can be observed over the following weeks.
  12. After a one month break, it will be ok to resume weekly application for up to eight weeks before taking a 2-week hiatus. After the break, you may resume the cycle again until you reach the results you are seeking. Biweekly peels thereafter can be administered for maintenance. After the peel, it would be best to apply a moisturizing sunscreen, preferably one that is non-comedogenic. A mild cleanser will not diminish the results of the peel, but it may aggravate the skin and lengthen the recovery period. The skin should be cleansed prior to exfoliation, and post-peel cleansing shouldn't be necessary.
  13. Yes, during the dry summer months, sebaceous glands produce more oil to help keep skin lubricated. To help offset the increased sebum production, you can cleanse with Coral KAVI more frequently throughout the day. You needn't worry about building up a resistance: there is just more oil being produced at this time of the year. Salicylic Acid is very effective in opening pores and can help reduce the probability of infection dramatically. You should begin with an 8% strength (applying as a mask once per week). Oil-based sun blocks are very bad for breakouts. You should switch to a non-comedogenic lotion if you haven't already. KAVI makes an excellent SPF (found under Pores).
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    If you were to use both products, you may opt to use KAVI Anti-Acne Lotion in the mornings and KAVI Enhanced Retinol 0.30% in the evenings. Enhanced Retinol 0.30% should be applied to clean skin before any other treatment. Use of both products may dry your skin and you should be sure to monitor your skin daily for dryness. For some skin types, sebaceous glands will over-produce oil, and concurrent use of retinol and sulfur will not strip the skin of its essential layer of oil. In other cases, it is important to monitor the skin and determine the right amounts of topical medications needed to achieve results without stripping natural protection.
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    We have several product lines which can help with the skin conditions you mentioned, and they can be used exclusively (i.e., no need to complement them with other products). For acne: cleanse with Coral KAVI, exfoliate with Salicylic Acid 8, protect with SPF 30. For oily skin: cleanse with Coral KAVI. For hyperpigmentation: exfoliate with either Glycolic Acid 30 (better for age spots) or Salicylic Acid 8 (better for sun spots), protect with SPF 30. For acne scarring: exfoliate with either Glycolic Acid 30 (better for regressing acne) or Salicylic Acid 8 (better for recurring acne), protect with SPF 30. If you opt to use both glycolic acid and salicylic acid in your routine, you can alternate weekly application to garner the benefits of both peels without over-exfoliating. For a milder approach to treating scarring and hyperpigmentation, you can try Enhanced Retinol 0.30% (under Anti-Aging). Finally, our products use natural ingredients wherever possible. Where we need to use preservatives, we ensure they are non-formaldehyde producing and with low impact to the body. Based in San Francisco, we are very conscious of organic health and the environment.
  16. Our glycolic peels do work gently but effectively to remove age spots from the face. If you have never used a glycolic peel before, it would be best to begin with KAVI Glycolic Acid 30, being careful to test your skin before the first peel. You can find more information on testing your skin's sensitivity to glycolic acid at http://www.kaviskin.com/help.php?section=FAQ#safecheck-AHA.
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    Yes, there are many customers who alternate usage between our AHA and BHA masks. If you use an AHA on odd weeks and a BHA on even weeks, your skin will attain the benefits of both masks without increased irritation.
  18. KAVI Salicylic Acid 8 may in fact be too strong for you if you have sensitive skin. One way to diminish the acid's impact would be to reduce the application time. A typical interval requires the acid to remain in contact with the skin for 60 - 90 seconds. For sensitive skin, you could reduce the interval to 20 - 60 seconds, keeping closer to 20 seconds at first to gauge your skin's reaction. Alternatively, if you would like to go with something milder, Coral KAVI soap contains 3% salicylic acid. Using Coral KAVI in conjunction with KAVI Glycolic Acid 20 might be an alternative approach to reducing acne breakouts and smoothing fine scarring without inflaming your skin. Either approach would be a good starting point, although you will have more flexibility with Salicylic Acid 8, since you will be able to extend the application time if your skin is tolerant to the acid.
  19. You certainly should consult your daughter's pediatrician to investigate the source of the irritation. If it is determined that she is reacting adversely to the soap you are using on her skin, Aqua KAVI would be a good replacement option. If her skin feels dry, Pearl KAVI (with olive oil) would also be a good choice. All of our soaps are allergy-tested, non-comedogenic, free of animal products, and a very healthy alternative to traditional soaps.
  20. KAVI Glycolic Acid 50 is recommended for use by skin care professionals. However, home users with significant experience administering peels with high acid concentrations (e.g., 30% or greater) may also purchase this peel for individual use. KAVI products which can be sold only to physicians are available through the KAVI Physician Portal and require online verification to complete the order process.
  21. KAVI Glycolic Acid 30 will work very well to reduce wrinkles. A 30% concentration will be significantly stronger than 10% and caution should be used when applying to facial skin, especially near the eyes, ears, and lips. While a 50% concentration will provide deeper exfoliation and accelerated results, beginning with a 30% concentration will allow you to test your skin's sensitivity to higher concentrations of glycolic acid as well as prepare it for deeper peels.
  22. Our Coral KAVI line (with 2% colloidal sulfur and 3% salicylic acid) is very effective in combating acne on combination or oily skin. On dry skin, Coral KAVI might be a little too astringent. You may opt to use Aqua KAVI (with 1% colloidal sulfur, no salicylic acid), or if your skin is especially sensitive, Glycolic Cleanser 10 or Pearl KAVI may be beneficial as well. Though neither Glycolic Cleanser 10 nor Pearl KAVI have any anti-acne components, they are 100% non-comedogenic, meaning your pores will not clog and trap acne inside where an infection may follow. Glycolic acid can help with removing any remaining acne scarring after your acne is in regression. You can read more about glycolic acid here.
  23. Any of our sulfur-based products (Aqua and Coral KAVI, Anti-Acne Lotion) will carry the same indications as sodium sulfacetamide topicals but at dosages that do not require regular physician supervision. Pharmaceutical-grade sulfur is generally of the same quality, and the sublimation process for rhombic sulfur is a well-known science. The primary differentiators between various commercial preparations can be found in complementary actives and in the efficacy and convenience of the delivery medium. Our sulfur products will allow for a safe absorption rate and, with respect to soaps, can be used indefinitely and exclusively as a skin cleanser.
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    15% peel

    KAVI Salicylic Acid 15 is prepared at a pH of 2.35. This pH is too low to remain on the skin indefinitely. Most moisturizers are not sufficiently alkaline to raise the pH of the mask to 5.5 (the skin's natural pH). Extended exposure to a 2.35 pH mask will result in burns. While our over-the-counter masks do not require neutralization and can be completely removed with a water rinse, we do prepare more intensive, <1 pH masks for medical professionals who request them. These preparations do require an alkaline solution like sodium carbonate to be safely removed. Please note that a sodium carbonate solution needs to be prepared correctly to ensure it is not too weak nor too strong.
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    Be sure to use a non-comedogenic moisturizer to ensure you don't hinder your progress. KAVI SPF30 is an excellent pore-friendly moisturizer that will clarify your skin (eliminating surface blemishes) while providing UVA/UVB protection from the sun.
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