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I have horrendous, persistent blackheads / blocked pores and mild / moderate acne. I bought the coral and aqua bars and salicylic acid peel 15%, 6 weeks ago. The coral soap felt great when I first washed with it, but it did seem to make my spots much worse and my skin overly dry so I stopped using it. The aqua one seemed to irritate my skin the same, so I am wondering if its the sulphur my skin doesn't like? I am however very bad at not moisturising and wonder if this could be what I am doing wrong? My skin does sometimes get flaky and dry but I just hate moisturiser, it always makes me spotty, non pore blocking or not. The peel however doesn't upset my skin at all and feels great. In fact I always feel like I could leave it on longer, it doesn't sting much or make me go red. My face feels great for two days and then it reverts back. I have done 6 peels now but I still have blocked pores and my neck area is really spotty. I was wondering whether to buy the toner, moisturiser and spf30. Can you please make a regimen suggestion for me?

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Aqua and Coral KAVI are antiseborrheics and can dry out your skin (especially so with the latter), therefore care is required to maintain skin hydration through a combination of balanced application and adjunctive moisturization.


The optimal KAVI products for the treatment of blackheads and blocked pores are Salicylic Acid 8/15 and/or the Toner. These products do also help with acne, and you may find that the use of a medicated anti-acne cleanser (such as Aqua or Coral KAVI) may be excessive for your mild to moderate acne condition (particularly since you are also drying out so much). A milder, non-comedogenic cleanser, such as the Glycolic Cleanser 10, will do an excellent job of cleansing your skin without leading to dryness or clogged pores.


One option you may wish to consider would be to apply Salicylic Acid 8 twice per week and the Toner once per evening. This regimen should help keep your pores clear throughout the week without causing too much dryness. An appropriate moisturizer (e.g., Hyaluronic Acid 95) will help counter the antiseborrheic effects of Salicylic Acid 8 and the Toner. Do keep in mind that these products will not likely cure your blackheads but rather will help contain the problem. There may be no permanent solution to correcting your pores' propensity to form blackheads, however your dermatologist would be the best person with whom to discuss that matter.

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