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I have been using the glycolic 10 wash daily + moisturizer (morning) with great results. I use a great basic cleanser before moisturizer/tazorac gel at night and I don't have any active acne and if I do manifest a pimple, it is so small and never more than one, maybe two. I do have an issue dealing with the light marks left behind. There are not too many but it is definitely enough to raise an eyebrow on my end. I am looking into doing mas/peel because, in the past, I went to an esthetician for glycolic acid peels which helped a lot. I cannot afford those procedures but I am curious about the options offered by Kavi. I was originally going to go for a low glycolic % mask weekly but a chart on the site seemed to point an arrow at salicylic masks for my needs. For acne marks and semi uneven texture, do I use glycolic or salicylic acid?

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For accelerating recovery of a post-infection site, glycolic acid would be better. If you are experiencing chronic infections over a given area of skin, then salicylic acid would be better. Both peels are keratolytic (meaning they will exfoliate your skin), however the former acid also has regenerative attributes that help skin rebuild faster, while the latter has comedolytic attributes that help keep pores clear, tight, and free of acne.

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