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initial breakout? and other questions


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I am currently using the coral kavi 2x per day as well as your salycilic acid 15 product.

I've had severe acne ever since starting college and usually have a large number of cysts around my jawline, my cheeks, forehead and sideburn area and have mad oily skin (even with coral, it gets oily after about 2 hours).

When i first started using these products, it looked like i was clearing up and i noticed my forehead actually stopped hurting because of the lack of huge zits on it and other parts seemed to be improving as well:).

It has been about 2 weeks since i started using these products though and now i am getting huge breakouts on my forehead and around my jaw area again. I have read that an "ib" can happen through overdrying and usually manifests itself through multiple small whiteheads. These however, are not small whiteheads. They are the same huge painful cysts i always get. Is there a reason for this?

I also am taking zinc and vitamen e supplements daily.


also, i hear the sal-15 product is pretty good at flushing anything out (it got out an ingrown hair the other day :) ). i have a large persisting nodule on my cheek. would it be able to take care of it with more application? let me know please and thank you


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How are you applying Salicylic Acid 15? As a once-weekly mask or as a daily spot treatment? One phenomenon you may be experiencing is a purge. It can happen when you commence a treatment that will prove to be effective for your acne. Such a treatment doesn't have to involve a medicated product. For example, many with moderate to severe back and chest acne experience the same phenomenon with the sun. Following the season's first weekend at the beach, they'll find that their acne improves dramatically in the following days, then grows worse before it appears to completely clear up for a duration of several weeks. The treatment (the sun in this case) is purging all existing infections, including those that were still too small to see. If this is what you are experiencing, it is important now to ensure you don't overmedicate. Even if you see that your acne has gotten worse, ease off the treatment and let the purge work through its course without tailing it with irritation and dryness from excessive application of antiseborrheics.


And yes, Salicylic Acid 15 is very good for ingrown hairs as well. It temporarily constricts pore diameter over a period of two to three days, and thus, with the help of the growing hair's outward momentum, forces the ingrown follicle out.

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Thank you. How much would you say i would need to ease off? how often should i be using the two products during this possible purge stage?


I also have extensive back/shoulder/chest acne and multiple scars as well. When i use the the sal-15 on my body, i feel nearly nothing of the sting though. do you think it would be effective on the body?


also, once again, would the sal-15 be effective on nodules?



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If you have oily skin, cleansing with Coral KAVI twice a day, even during the purge, will be fine. If using Salicylic Acid 15 as a spot treatment, apply once per day for no more than two days (three days for cysts), then wait a week before spot treating in the same region. If using as a once-weekly peel, there would be no need to alter the application frequency.


If Salicylic Acid 15 is proving too mild for your back, shoulders, and chest, you do have the option of moving up to Salicylic Acid 25 for those regions.


And yes, Salicylic Acid 15 is effective for nodules, as it is for papules, pustules, and cysts.

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